Have you heard anything about Prometheus? Have you heard anything about Medea and Jason? Have you heard anything about the wine homeland? Have you heard anything about the first gold producing? Have you heard? Well, I won’t waste of time asking the same questions as it will take us further, because there are so many things to see, that it would be better to come and discover them yourselves…



Here you can see chained Prometheus on the Caucasus ringe. This is the place from where a magician woman Medea and the Golden fleece were kidnapped by Jason. It was confirmed here that the first winemakers were Georgians. This is the place where Gold was firstly extracted.



To cut a long story short, it would be better to visit and see everything with your own eyes. There are still myriad things to discover, which will definitely satisfy your touristic interests. And yet, the main point is that the first European “homo sapiens” was from Georgia. We will help all your dreams to come true. As the Georgians use to say: “The guest is from God!”


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